17 Effective Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars

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Keep your Door Windows Locked

Home is no less than a paradise. It is a shelter from weather conditions, a place of rest, and a key investment. Apart from enjoying this possession, taking care of this key investment is also pertinent to secure it from invaders and burglars.

In this regard, you have to take some important steps other than relying on the security of your town, as you are the one who is ultimately responsible for your home’s safety. The blog discusses some very effective tips that can help you secure your home reasonably.

Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked

Doors and windows are the very way burglars can sneak into easily if they are open or loosely closed. Make sure to close your windows and lock your doors before leaving your home, even if you need to rush.

Upgrade Your Doors and Windows Locks

Apart from keeping your entrances locked, it is also important to upgrade the locks of your windows and doors so that they aren’t easy to breach. Reinforce your entry door strike plate, use double bolts, and try to use digital locks. Also, do not open your coded locks in front of any stranger.

Install an Effective CCTV Security System

A CCTV security system acts as a repellent for burglars. They fear being identified by the cops during an investigation or even by the homeowner, as remote-controlled CCTV systems allow you to have a live view of your home. This discourages burglars from invading; therefore, having an effective CCTV security system is verily assistive in home safety.

Install Bulglar Alarm

Install A Burglar Alarm

A burglar alarm is another useful method to keep burglars away from your home. Modern and remote-controlled alarms allow you to monitor your home 24/7 and take a step if you find any signs of burglary.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

Whenever a burglar invades, they mostly get into your bedroom to look for cash, jewellery and bonds. If these valuables are placed in a reserved box at a local bank, this will be very beneficial.

Have A Dog Pet

Dogs are not only loyal companions but also natural alarms that keep burglars miles away. Even if you are not at home, they bark and attract your neighbour’s attention at the time of some invasion.

Ensure Proper Lighting

Make sure that there is ample light in the vicinity of your home. Place lights around your front and back yards, along pathways, and near the garage and other outdoor structures. Hence, burglars will not find any spot to hide, and it will keep your home safe.

Wipe Out Hiding Places

Trees and shrubs are a great way to beautify your home; however, they can be a protective shield for robbers to hide in. So, it is better to trim down your trees and large shrubs. Also, choose smaller flowers and shrubs for your lawn or garden.

Collect Your Mails Regularly

Empty properties are straightforward targets for burglars, and if your mailbox is full of flyers and letters, one may think that there is no one in the house. So, collect your mail and flyers regularly not to portray your property as empty.

Be Smart to Hide Your Keys

Usually, people hide their keys under the door mat, which is not a good sign for your home’s safety. Burglars can easily look for it, and then you would be left with the loss. Keys should be kept in your bag or handed to a trusted neighbour.

Make It Look Like the Home Is Not Empty

Whenever you need to go to a nearby market for some minutes, turn on the lights or leave your TV on. And if you are going on vacation, ask your neighbour to collect your mail and keep an eye on your house. You can also opt for some smart lights that turn off and off periodically to show that someone is at home.

Don’t Share Your Details on social media

According to data, 78% of burglars use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to get your details. Therefore, it is mandatory to be careful to keep your home safe. For this purpose, never publicly share your home’s inner pics and address. If you need to advertise it, ensure your personal details are safe.

Collect Mails regularly

Don’t Advertise Large Purchases

If you have bought some expensive items like a watch, jewellery or clothing, be careful to share them on social media. This can be an indirect message to burglars. Also, throw the packaging of those items packed in extra bags. It seems to be a little hassle, but it will help you avoid losing costly items.

See Who’s at The Door

Always look for the outsider before opening the door fully. A smart video bell installed outside your door can be very beneficial in this aspect. You can watch a stranger outside and direct the delivery boy to deliver the parcel even if you are not at home. Also, the bell is smart enough to provide notifications even if it does not ring.

Top-Up Gravel Paths and Driveways

Gravelled driveways are very effective as they are noisy to walk on. If any burglar walks outside your home at night, the gravel noise will alert you.

Secure Your Loft

If you reside in a floor flat, semi-detached or terraced house, you can be at risk of invasion from your neighbour’s house. Intruders could take advantage by entering through the loft hatch, especially if a shared loft has no dividing wall. Protect your home by fitting flush bolts to your side of the loft trap door, making it more difficult for anyone to get through.

Look for Possible Flaws 

Despite taking all the measures for home safety, there may still be any loophole, and one may get in. So, give a final look at your home to check for any flaws before leaving anywhere. You may also request your neighbour or friend to help you find any probable flaw.

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