CCTV Installation in Bromley

Get a CCTV system installed at your place of residence and benefit from the peace of mind it has to offer. Colour and Grey are the planners and executors of robust CCTV camera systems in the Bromley area.

CCTV Installation in Bromley

About Colour and Grey

Colour and Grey is a small but efficient enterprise specialising in the deployment of CCTV installation in Bromley (BR1, BR2, BR7). If you are a resident of Bromley and on the lookout for bespoke CCTV services, then get in touch with us!

Services We Provide

At Colour and Grey, we are experts in camera and security systems, providing the following services to improve the security of your living spaces.

Planning and Employing New Systems

If you don’t have a surveillance system currently in place and are planning to get one, we are your solution providers who will design the new security system, supply you with all the equipment required and install it, bringing it to a functional form.

Installation Services

These services are for those of you who have already acquired all the equipment for your desired CCTV camera system and have also planned out the placement for each of the cameras. Therefore, what you are in need of is only the service of an installer. We provide installation services that are quick to deploy and easy on the pocket!

Camera System Upgrade

In the case where there is a camera system already prevalent on the property but it has become dated or obsolete, Colour and Grey would help you upgrade it to more modern systems such as IP or HD.

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CCTV Installation in Bromley

Benefits of a CCTV System in Place

If you are considering the installation of a CCTV camera setup on your property, we would recommend you make haste in doing so. Having such a system in place has associated benefits, which we will be introducing you to now.

Peace of Mind

In the case that you have a CCTV system installed with visible cameras, burglars and intruders will always stay clear of your property. This would lead to an incremental decline in the number of theft incidents, allowing you some peace of mind.

Capture of Alleged Criminals

If you have cameras installed within your property that are discrete in view, and there has been an occurrence of a theft incidence, then you will have sufficient evidence to apprehend the person. Therefore, you might end up recovering part of the loss incurred, if not full.

Why You Should Opt for Professional Installation Services

Best Bang for Your Buck

Even though it might sound peculiar, opting for professional services actually does save you money as no mistake of great expense is made. Furthermore, the camera system that best suits your needs will be installed, with no extra money being wasted on unnecessarily advanced systems.

Camera Visibility of Your Choice

You can choose for your cameras to be hidden from plain sight, or to be completely visible. Visible cameras discourage thieves or intruders from entering the property, whereas hidden cameras aid in apprehending those who have done so.

CCTV Installation in Bromley
CCTV Installation in Bromley

Well-Positioned Cameras

A professional camera installer has the best idea of what the placement of the limited number of cameras should be, attempting to maximise the view of the property being surveyed while also minimising blind spots and bad reflections.

Knowledge Gained for Best Surveillance

Colour and Grey promises to impart all the knowledge required to make the best use of the monitoring and storage systems for the CCTV system in place.

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Procedure for Installing CCTV

Here, at Colour and Grey, there is a set protocol we follow when installing new camera systems or when upgrading the existing ones.

Planning Stage

This stage starts with an understanding of the client’s budgets and needs. Therefore, the type of camera system will be decided based on that information. It can be either of the following systems:

  • Analogue
  • IP
  • HD
  • PTZ

Once the camera system is decided upon, our professional installers will also keenly survey your property and select the best spots to install the cameras.

Installation Stage

Just for the sake of awareness, we tell you that there are two parts to a good camera installation, one being wiring and the other being camera mounting. If there is no compromise in either, which is highly unlikely when you are availing the services of Colour and Grey, then the camera system is deemed to work flawlessly.

Connection to Monitoring and Storage

The last step in your endeavour of having a functional CCTV system installed would be connecting the cameras to monitoring and storage systems. Colour and Grey will also be imparting all the knowledge required to make the most of these systems, ensuring an effective security system in place.

CCTV Installation in Bromley

Factors to Consider During the Deployment of an Effective Surveillance System

Similar to any other system in your home, the uplift in your home’s security cannot be done in a knee-jerk fashion. There are some considerations to pay heed to.

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The average service charge for installing a 4-channel CCTV camera system is £350.

The most basic 4-channel CCTV camera system takes about 4 hours to be installed. As the surveillance system gets more complex with a higher number of cameras on multiple stories of a building, the time required would be inevitably more.

It is perfectly possible to install the CCTV system by yourself in your house. This will lead you to save the cost that would have been otherwise incurred on installation services. However, we would not recommend that you do so. You will be missing out on the benefits of availing professional services for the task while also making costly mistakes as an untrained installer.