CCTV Installation Chelsea Services

With an alarming surge in crime rate, CCTV installation can significantly improve the safety of your residential and commercial buildings. Increasing your comfort by offering you and your family proper safety, CCTV cameras help you to keep a check on unusual and doubtful activities in your premises.

Colour and Grey offers quality CCTV installation services to make you feel digitally secure. We install your CCTV to increase the camera’s reach and cover all corners of your house and business locations. By hiring our CCTV Installation Chelsea services, you can live peacefully as the high-resolution camera takes markedly clear images at all points of time. So, if any suspicious activity occurs, you’ll be notified with vivid images at your registered email. Entrust your home security to our professional and expert CCTV installation services in Chelsea. Our 24/7 support and maintenance is ever ready at your service.

CCTV Installation Chelsea

Avail Our Incredible CCTV Camera Installation Services In Chelsea:

Deter any unauthorised entry to your house or office using our professional CCTV installation in Chelsea. Whether you want one HD camera installed or multiple wirelesses at the corners of your house, we can help. These security cameras allow you to guard your house whenever you are away.

Our experts enable us to deliver a wide range of home security solutions. Below are some of the salient features of our services:

High-Definition HD Cameras

When it comes to CCTV installation, details in a video or image are more important. Therefore, we use the latest equipment and cameras for your CCTV installation. These high-definition HD cameras deliver excellent quality at a competitive price.

Night Vision

One of the key reasons for setting up a CCTV network is to locate any unauthorised and suspicious activity around your house. Often, these activities occur at night. So, CCTV cameras should be able to take vivid footage at night. To this end, we use infrared technology-enabled cameras, which let us see even in pitch darkness. Isn’t it amazing? Just use your phone or laptop and guard your house at night.

Offer the Best Value

Being the top CCTV installation company in Chelsea, we focus on delivering quality services at a low and competitive price. Our motto is to keep our customers happy and satisfied. Therefore, our experts do their utmost to install your CCTV cameras in the best locations across the building. We also try to guide you on how to use and maintain these CCTV cameras.

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CCTV Installation Chelsea

24/7 Monitoring from Your Smartphone

Here at Colour and Grey, we deliver the most effective solutions to stop crimes before they even happen. Not only do we install the latest technology cameras, but we also help you monitor your house or office through those cameras by connecting them to your smartphone. This 24/7 monitoring is a true game changer for the safety and security of your valuable property.

Annual Maintenance and Support

Customer satisfaction and comfort lie at the forefront of everything we do. We are proud to say that Colour and Grey is offering a one-year warranty for all CCTV installations done by our company. To ensure your safety, we provide one-year telephonic support in which our experts help you out with your CCTV problems. We also do a free service visit after one year of your CCTV installation. Our experts make sure that your CCTV system is working properly. And if there is any problem, we’ll take care of that.

Our CCTV Installation Process

Our home CCTV installation in Chelsea consists of the following simple steps:

Survey and Estimation

In response to your online query, we send you an estimate of the project based on information gathered from a small survey of your property through google maps. However, our experts physically visit your location for larger installations and then offer a free estimate. These estimates concern product specifications and the costs of our installations. But if you get multiple quotes from different firms, ensure that all the information about the products and services has been provided in their estimate before you make your final choice.

CCTV Installation Chelsea

Design Proposal

Before we book your installation, we offer a specific design proposal that contains camera placement positions along with the details of the camera and DVR.  

Booking Your Installation

Once you approve our estimate, we’ll call you to book your installation on a date that suits you. This installation date is usually within a week; however, in case of an emergency, it can be completed on the same day.

CCTV Installation

On the day of installation, we carry out our installation in the presence of the decision-maker of the house. We discuss the technical details of connecting to the internet and where to place the recorder. Our professionals carry out CCTV installation with complete safety and accuracy.

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