CCTV Installation in Ealing

CCTV Installation in Ealing

Installation of security systems has gained popularity over the past decade, particularly in locations with higher crime rates. With the help of this system, you can instantly deter theft and criminals and keep your business, home, and yourself safe.

However, a reliable company is needed for the efficient installation of a CCTV system for your property. Colour & Grey are your trusted partners providing expert services of CCTV installation in Ealing (W5, W7, W13, NW10). Our specialists ensure a meticulous installation by conducting a thorough survey of your building to assess the requirements and design a bespoke CCTV system.

Benefits of CCTV Installation

Our CCTV camera setup can benefit you in the following ways:

Deterrence and Crime Prevention: Criminals are deterred from breaking into your residence, stealing or committing other crimes such as anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

Prosecution: If a crime occurs inside or outside of your house, prosecutions are more likely to succeed if you have CCTV installed. Suspects are quickly identified, with the CCTV footage serving as powerful evidence in court.

Remote Monitoring: A CCTV system enables remote monitoring on a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone over a secure internet connection.

Ideal for Intruder Alarms: Remote monitoring is especially beneficial if you also have an intrusion alarm. When the alarm is triggered, you will get a notification or a phone call, and you will be able to log in to see your camera footage.

Low Cost, High Quality: Home CCTV installation by skilled installers is affordable and well worth the investment when considering the benefits listed above.

Different Types of CCTV Systems

Basic CCTV System: A simple CCTV system consists of 4 – 8 interior or outdoor cameras linked together by wires. The wires provide a secure connection, but the need to route wires throughout your property may limit the location of suitable cameras.

Wireless CCTV System: As wireless CCTV systems link via a network, you can place them wherever you want. This simplifies installation and allows for faster setup and configuration.

High-end CCTV System: They are completely wireless and capture footage in full 1080P or 4K high-definition. Because of their integrated infrared detectors, several high-end systems use night-vision to record footage of good quality during the hours of darkness.

Essential Components of CCTV System

Cameras: You generally have two camera options for a CCTV camera system: analogue or IP. You can install different types of cameras, such as bullet, dome, and covert.

Monitoring Station: A monitoring station is the most crucial part of a CCTV camera system, used to view recorded footage and images.

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Cables & Routers: These are used as supporting technologies that are integrated into the system for a smooth and seamless connection.

Video Recorder: It is a device used to record videos. It usually comes in two types: Network Video Recorder (NVR) and Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

Data Storage: A storage device in a CCTV camera system is used to record and store videos and images.

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Whether you want a wired, wireless, or high-definition camera installation, reach out to our experts and get a bespoke CCTV installation in Ealing.


An entire CCTV system cost can vary depending on the components, number of cameras, memory, HD resolution, and other features; however, on average, it may range between £340-£1900.

Permission is usually not necessary to install CCTV on a residential property. If you reside in a listed building or a conservation area, you may face certain limitations when it comes to installing security cameras.

Yes, we visit your site prior to installation. This exploration session allows us to identify and locate any ‘blind spots’ in the CCTV systems and provide advice on their installation. We will then be able to provide a more accurate price for setup and installation.