CCTV Installation in Enfield

CCTV Installation in Enfield

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Security and safety are paramount concerns today, and installing security cameras plays a pivotal role in addressing these concerns. Offering a proactive approach to protecting property, loved ones and assets, they act as vigilant sentinels to provide continuous surveillance that deters criminal activities.

Colour and Grey is a small company with a friendly working culture. We take immense pride in our services and consistently strive to exceed our customer’s requirements by going the extra mile.

We keep the most dependable and budget-friendly security equipment from reputable UK partners and renowned brands, offering the best services for CCTV installation in Enfield (EN1, EN2, EN3) to protect your home and business.

Our Cutting-Edge Range of CCTV Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of home security camera solutions, including:

Wireless Security Cameras: We can install systems without any wires, ensuring a swift and tidy installation process without the need for wall drilling.

Remote Camera Access:  We can link cameras to your laptop, iPhone or Android devices, enabling you to watch over your property from anywhere.

Motion Detection: Our energy-efficient cameras are equipped with highly sensitive motion detection capabilities, activating the cameras at the slightest movement.

Outdoor Camera: Our cameras can be easily displayed or discreetly hidden to cover the entire footprint of your property.

Night Vision Camera: Previously considered expensive technology, night vision capabilities are now accessible to all, allowing you to capture high-quality footage even in the darkest conditions.

CCTV Camera Maintenance: Our maintenance team in Enfield is at your service to resolve any issue with your existing camera system or assist with system upgrades.

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CCTV Installation in Enfield

Things to Consider when Choosing a CCTV System

Why Should You Hire Us?

CCTV Installation in Enfield
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The government of UK established the office of Surveillance Camera Commissioner to supervise and manage CCTV control within the country.

CCTV installation on residential properties does not need permission. Yet, if you live in a listed or conservation area, consult your local planning authority for potential restrictions before getting equipment.

The latest British Standard for Detector Activated CCTV Systems (BS 8418) empowers Facilities Managers to enhance facility security by implementing detector-activated surveillance alarm systems that trigger a police response.

Yes, it is legal in the UK. However, using recording equipment, such as CCTV or intelligent doorbells, to capture video or sound recordings outside the user’s property boundary is subject to local rules and regulations.