CCTV Installation in Islington

CCTV Installation in Islington

24/7 Vigilance for a Reliable Security

The need to take vigilant security measures has become paramount, given the significant increase in crime rates. A CCTV installation holds immense importance among critical security measures nowadays. These systems provide round-the-clock surveillance that deters potential intruders and safeguard property and people.

Colour and Grey is your trusted partner, providing the best quality CCTV installations in Islington (EC1A, EC1R, EC1V, N1). Ensuring prime security, we provide over 400 security camera installations.

We are home to experienced security camera installers and house a well-equipped, trained staff stringently complying with regulatory protocols. Get premium services to ensure an unbreachable security system for your residential and commercial property.

Ensure a Protected and Flourishing Business Environment

Our CCTV installations in Islington enable you to ensure a secure space for your business activities:

Reduced Security Costs: Providing 24-hour coverage, our CCTV installation is equivalent to having your security guard on-site without the expensive costs.

Deterring Vandalism: Our efficient CCTV camera setups discourage robbers from breaking into your property, saving you from numerous untoward incidents.

Reliable Proof: Our cameras provide high-definition recordings that act as proof in case of any event.

Handling Disputes: Our CCTV cameras can significantly help you handle disagreements at your commercial setup, enabling you to reach a justified concluding statement.

Monitoring Staff Activities: Camera recordings keep you content about your staff’s daily activities at your office.

Minimum Insurance Claims & Premiums: Having our CCTV installations minimises your insurance premiums and gets you significant savings.

Security Services for Everyone

Our company addresses the security concerns of a wide range of clients. We provide CCTV security systems for:

  • Homes, residential flats and colonies for efficient surveillance.
  • Businesses, commercial hubs and trading zones seeking to protect assets, premises, and employees.
  • Retail stores aiming to prevent shoplifting and enhance overall security.
  • Restaurants and bars for assets and staff safety.
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities to ensure patients and staff safety.
  • Public places like parks, transit stations, and government buildings for surveillance and crowd management.
  • Event venues to ensure the safety of attendees and manage crowds effectively.
  • Banks and financial institutions to safeguard valuable assets.
  • Schools and educational institutions for student safety and security.
  • Construction sites to monitor site activity and prevent theft or vandalism.
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CCTV Installation Islington

All Types of Camera Installations

Catering to the versatile market demands, our installers provide all types of camera installations.

  • Dome CCTV Cameras
  • C-Mount CCTV Cameras
  • PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom) Cameras
  • Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras
  • High Definition (HD) CCTV Cameras
  • Bullet CCTV Cameras
  • Wireless CCTV Cameras
  • Network/IP CCTV Cameras
  • Day/Night CCTV Cameras

24/7 Services at Competitive Prices

Our company upholds its commitment to professional security services around the clock; we are open to hearing from you at any time.

Another advantage we offer our clients is our fair prices. We have designed our packages to be budget-friendly, making it easier for you to hire the best-quality services at reasonable costs.


Surely. We can provide IP cameras with built-in microphones to record sounds. However, you have to ensure it’s legal to record sounds.

There is no specific answer to this question. It all depends on your requirements. You can consult with our installers to get an appropriate CCTV system.

Professional expertise ensures effective surveillance covering maximum area and better results. Therefore, it is better to hire some professionals to do the task.

Yes, there are night-vision cameras with the ability to record quality images in low or no light.

The cost of a system varies based on the type and number of cameras you need for your property. It is recommended to consult with our 24/7 available professionals to have a precise cost estimate.