CCTV Installation in North London

CCTV Installation in North London

Security of one’s family and property is a consistent concern of every home and business owner, the most reliable solution to which is a reliable CCTV system to overcome fear and get peace of mind.  

Colour & Grey delivers premium services for CCTV installation in North London. Our dedicated team is trained and qualified to design, install, repair and maintain your CCTV camera setup.

What Makes CCTV Camera Installation Worth the Investment?

  • Crime Prevention: CCTV cameras on your property function as a major deterrent to criminals and burglars.
  • Monitors Activities: CCTV camera systems keep track of what is happening at the place they are installed.
  • Collects Evidence: If a crime occurs on your property, a CCTV camera system allows you to collect footage of the incident as evidence.
  • Decision Making: Regarding resolving disagreements, security camera footage can be really useful. This is helpful in both commercial and domestic situations.
  • Keeps Records: Keeping a record of when your employees come in and out of your site is always a good idea, and you can also make sure everything is going smoothly when the visitors enter the premises or deliveries are made.

Our CCTV Installation Process

  • Select the Camera Locations: We will begin by choosing locations to install your CCTV cameras where they provide the maximum coverage. Afterwards, cameras will be installed in the chosen location.
  • Run Cables: Then, our experts will run pre-terminated cables between the DVR (control equipment) and each camera.
  • Power Cameras: After setting up the cable network, we will power all the cameras with a single power supply.
  • Power DVR: To power the control equipment, it will be connected to the power source. After it’s all done, we will connect the power supply for the cameras, monitor, and DVR to the main power supply.
  • Connecting Monitor to DVR: To connect the monitor to the DVR, our expert installers will make use of different connectors depending on the type of CCTV system you’ve chosen.
  • Program the DVR: The last step in the installation of CCTV cameras is programming the DVR. This will be done according to the instructions written in the DVR manual.
  • Lastly, we will check the video stream to determine if the cameras are recording the correct locations once everything is connected and turned on.

Where Should CCTV Cameras Be Installed?

Side, back and front entrances: Position the camera towards the sidewalk or walkway to capture those approaching your home.

Ground-floor windows: Burglars frequently enter through windows that do not face the street. To avoid this, install a CCTV camera setup in addition to smart window locks.

Second floor: Protect your belongings by installing an indoor camera in your second-floor main hallway. It’s an excellent way to provide additional video proof in the event of a burglary.

Detached buildings and garages: Burglars target detached structures since many homeowners do not consider securing these places, so put a CCTV security system there.

Backyard: To prevent blind spots, make sure your exterior cameras cover every bit of your backyard. You can enhance the security of your backyard by adding security lights in addition to a CCTV system. 

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CCTV Installation North London

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No, a CCTV camera installation doesn’t require planning permission. However, you should not point cameras toward shared spaces, neighbours’ homes, or public streets.

The CCTV installation cost may vary depending on factors such as the number of cameras, memory, HD quality, etc. On average, it may cost around £340-£1900.

Yes, with the installation of remote CCTV cameras, you can control it with your phone. All you need to do is ensure your security camera is compatible with your smartphone.