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Over the 15-year tenure, we have analysed our professional team’s enormous influence on customer retention. Our qualified and certified engineers design, supply, installation, and maintenance illustrate why they wield a powerful impact on the security systems industry, retain 5-star customer service, and let us place the utmost confidence in all their work. Colour & Grey is a small enterprise but embraces a profoundly friendly environment. We feel proud of our services and go the extra mile to protect you and your well-being by housing the most reliable and cost-effective security equipment acquired from renowned partners and trusted brands. We are a reliable CCTV installation company in Richmond that serves you around the clock throughout the year.

Residential Access Control System

You Have a Right over Your Well-being

It is no uncommon occurrence to witness CCTV cameras fixed on every corner of every commercial building. The reason is you have complete right not just over your property but over your well-being too. Keep yourself stress-free and relish each day without any external concerns, the solution to which is easy and quick: CCTV is one of the most accessible systems to install and one of the most cost-effective too. An approach adopted by every company and household today, these cameras dramatically increase the security of yourself, your family, and your property.

CCTV Installation Services in Richmond – We Conduct Free Site Survey

Before you opt for the CCTV installation services in Richmond, you can avail of our services of a free site survey where we inspect your area to advise you on your security solutions. You can later choose the security system that suits your needs. With our security systems ranging from full HD to 4K video surveillance without any subscription, you can stay on guard for your family and property protection anytime, anywhere. 

Pick From our Range of Security Installation Services:

Our range of CCTV installation services in Richmond extends across the following domains:

  • Home CCTV Installation Richmond
  • Commercial CCTV installation in Richmond
  • Academic Institutions/Universities CCTV installation in Richmond

Our Security Package Encompasses the Following Features:

CCTV System

A Range of Cameras:

Depending on where you want to monitor your property, you can pick from a range of cameras at your disposal:

  • A Covert Camera Option
  • Dark fighter technology camera picking up colours in a highly reduced light
  • ANPR/LPR cameras reading and storing data visible on registration plates, such as those on cars
  • Dome cameras employed indoors and outdoors, making it difficult for onlookers to establish which way the camera is facing
  • Bullet cameras specially designed for outdoors, their strength lying specifically in long-distance viewing
  • C-mount camera covering distances beyond 40ft
  • Light Camera Providing Day or Night Image Technology
  • Our light cameras see the pictures during the day hours in enough sunlight and also at night in complete darkness and minimum illumination.
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CCTV Installation Richmond

Infrared Options

Cameras with infrared options illuminate images in the dark by detecting the invisible infrared wavelengths around the objects, enabling the camera to see in the dark.

Variety of Digital Video Recorders

These include:

  • Embedded DVR: A standalone device taking input from the analogue camera and storing it into a local hard disk.
  • PC-Based DVR: The equipment integrated into your PC with the DVR card for recording into the computer tower/rack.
  • Hybrid DVRs: Primarily employed to increase the number of cameras instead of getting a new one; these cameras use inputs both from CCTV and IP cameras, allowing for a combination of regular analogue cameras in low-activity places and High Definition (HD) IP cameras in high-risk areas.

Mobile Connectivity Offering Remote Viewing

You can connect your camera to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. While some systems may support either iOS or Android operating systems, others will be compatible with both.

Part of an Existing System or A Standalone Security Application

You can install your camera to work as an autonomous piece without a centralised recorder or combine it with other cameras and form a system.

CCTV Installation Richmond
cctv home

Video Analytics – Video Surveillance Enhanced:

Hardwired Systems Installed with the Latest Megapixel Cameras

Our high-resolution cameras significantly enhance the video quality and streaming experience.

Event-driven Video Analytics

EVR records videos triggered by an event, such as motion detection or a door opening signalled by a door sensor.

A Range of Digital or Network Video

Our digital video formats include:

  • SDI Video
  • DVI Video
  • HDMI Video
  • DisplayPort Video

Live Streaming of Video Images Transferred to ARC on Activation

Our CCTV video multiplexers and DVRs can be used as the key component in multi-camera video streaming applications.

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