Door Entry System Installation

Are you looking forward to taking measures to secure your home or commercial property, including offices, schools or shops? The Door Entry System Installation is just an ideal option to go for. It is a security measure that will keep your property safe and offer you complete peace of mind, as with this technology, you can control people’s access to your place. It is high time to stop using the traditional lock and key method when it comes to security and opt for the latest technology and more reliable methods. We at Colour and Grey offer a professional team for your Door Entry Installation. We have been working in the industry for years and have dealt with numerous security situations; thus, we can understand your requirements best. If you are confused between the options, as in the market, there are many options available. You can see multiple types of door entry systems, so as an expert, we offer you the best advice to perfectly fulfil your needs. You can entirely rely upon us as we work to satisfy our customers and have built a reputation in the industry by offering premium quality Door Entry System Installation Services.

Door Entry System Installation

Type of Door Entry Systems

When we talk about different types of door entry systems then, each one offers an extra level of security protection. You can choose the ideal Door Entry System with the help of our advice, and it depends upon your budget and the need for which you are installing it. It also depends on the type of building you need to install it in. As Door Entry System Specialists, we install a wide range of systems, some of which are listed below.

Video and Wireless Intercom System

Most commercial properties and homes have this type of door entry system. It allows the homeowner to see who is at your door at the time. You can connect it to any device like your computer, tablet, or phone, where you can see who is at your door anytime. The device will show a live video of a person when they ring to enter your property. You can also choose the one with an audio system through which you can address the person at your doorstep before granting them access to your place. Through this system, you can easily record every person who will enter your property. If you want to Install this kind of system, call us and let us be your Door Entry System Installer.

Proximity Cards and Token Readers

To control the lock, an electronic mechanism is used by these door entry systems. Whenever a keycard or Identity card is swiped, the door opens. Most offices use this type of door entry system to control the access of people in the building or specific area of that office. If you think you also want to install this as your entry system, then look no further and contact us right away to get the best reliable services at cost-effective rates

Biometric System Installation

In places where a high level of security is required, these types of entry systems are used. Biological identification is necessary for a person to enter the location, and it can be a fingerprint and retina scan. This way, you can allow access to only trusted people in the building.

Keypad Door Entry System

A code is needed in these types of Door Entry Systems for access; if you do not want to carry a key card, this can be an ideal choice. Only the person with the code can have access to your place.

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Door Entry System Installation

Benefits of Door Entry Systems Installation

No matter which type of Door Entry System you want to Install, our team can offer you the correct kind of help and advice regarding it. We completely understand the need for security and a trustworthy company that can provide you with the best security installation services. No matter how expensive a system you buy, it will be of no use if it is not installed correctly, so get the best installation services and Contact Colour and Grey Right Now. Door Entry Systems come with numerous benefits, especially if we talk about installing them in offices. Some of the advantages are listed below.

  • Managing Time and Attendance
  • Monitoring Productivity and Unauthorised Breaks
  • No Need to be Worried about Lost Keys
  • No Requirement for Manual Tracking of Keyholders
  • Criminals Can’t Pick Your Locks
  • Restricting Access to Areas of Your Site or Business
  • Easy Administration
  • Conveying a Modern, Professional, Safety-Conscious Company Image
  • Remote Access
  • Integration with Other Security Systems
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