Residential Access Control Systems for Better Home Security

Every year the crime rate increases in the world. Every year, security companies develop various security solutions to mitigate the risk of crimes, including theft and burglaries. While law enforcement agencies can, at best, respond to a particular situation, they cannot, on their own, ensure prevention. Therefore, businesses and households must do everything in their power to secure their lives and assets. You must have heard of access control systems in offices and commercial sites but securing residential properties is even more critical as they are more vulnerable to theft and burglaries. A residential access control system can provide immense security to your home, family, and valuable assets. Our smart systems are built to provide a foolproof security solution that believes in crime prevention, and there is no better way to stop a crime than to prevent it in the first place. So, call us today to install the best security systems in your home and sleep peacefully.

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Track Entry and Exit with Our Incredible Systems

One of the benefits of installing a residential access control system is that you can control who is allowed to enter your home. Depending on the system you install at your home, you can issue smart cards or key fobs to your family members and workers. You can even install a biometric system at home and register the fingerprints of all family members and trusted workers. You can also track who accessed your home and at what time. That way, you can keep monitoring people who work at your home. You will also find out while sitting at any location, like your office, that your children are back from school. Our residential access control system can be monitored remotely with the help of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Protect Your Home from Break-ins and Unwanted Access

Our expert technicians can provide you with flawless Residential Access Control System installation and installation of other security components, such as CCTV cameras and Intruder Alarm Systems, to create the perfect security system for your home. All these components synced together will make any unlawful entry next to impossible. Access control systems offer considerable protection to residential properties and keep your family and valuables safe from theft and other threats.

Advanced and High-quality Access Systems

We provide different types of systems depending on the property type and your preferences. Some access systems are role-based, giving access to everyone with the same role. These are more suitable for offices and commercial sites. Then there is the discretionary access control system which provides the property with owner control over access to every entry point. Numerous entry points can be installed in different rooms to limit access to only concerned people. Then you have the mandatory access control system, which is the most strict and used for commercial and residential properties. Passwords or pins can be issued to people you allow access. We’ve got you covered no matter what type of system you want. Our experts will not only advise and provide the best system, but they will also install it to your complete satisfaction and provide you with after-sales services.

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Repairs and General Servicing

For any Residential Access Control System Repair of your existing system, you can rely on the expertise of our technicians, who have installed countless systems in the United Kingdom. Our experts can also visit your home periodically to inspect if the system is working correctly and if it requires any repairs or servicing. We are available 24/7 for any emergency repairs which you may require. We understand that access systems are sensitive installations, and any malfunctioning needs to be addressed immediately. This is why you can contact us seven days a week and 365 days a year.

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  • Highly qualified and well-experienced technicians.
  • The latest access control systems with smart controls and remote monitoring allow you to monitor using your smartphone.
  • After-sale services ensure that you are satisfied with the installation and that your system is working properly.
  • Reliable repair and upgrading services.
  • 24/7 availability for any emergency.
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